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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When to See Your Gynecologist About Reproductive Health Problems

Is My Yearly Pelvic Exam the Only Time I Need to See the Gynecologist?

No, several circumstances may occur during the rest of the year. Consult your Ob/ Gyn whenever you experience abnormal signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms include:

Any of these symptoms can indicate a vaginal infection or sexually transmitted disease or STD which could affect your future fertility. They may also indicate other diseases such as:

Of course, if you think you are pregnant, see your healthcare provider as soon as possible to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

Also see your gynecologist more often if:

  • you plan of getting pregnant,
  • you think you may have a sexually transmitted infection or have a partner who has STI,
  • have a history of sexually related illness,
  • or have a mother or sister who developed breast cancer before .

Consult your healthcare provider, if you notice any changes in your breasts such as puckering, dimpling, or other changes to the skin of your breasts; have newly retracted nipples, or discharge from your nipples, not associated with breast feeding; if there is any change in your breast size or shape; or if you experience an increase in breast pain, discomfort or emotional issues before your period. Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by the Medical Review Board