are you in favor of giving contraceptive to teenagers?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HPV Vaccine for men & boys

Yes, clinical trials of Gardasil on males concluded in November 2008 and found the vaccine to be about 90% effective in preventing genital lesions/warts in men. It may also prove to reduce the incidences of HPV-related cancers in men. For more information, please see published reports online.

So, how soon will we see Merck begin to market a male HPV vaccine? And, how the public will respond -- will parents of boys rush to get their sons protected? Will sexually-active young men see this as important preventive healthcare? I would still like to see a major health education campaign about HPV so that all of us know what this virus is, how it spreads, how to get tested, what treatments are available, and the full list of health ramifications -- not only for women but also for men.